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Puppetmastaz // Creatures Go Indy

After years of being chained to major labels the Puppetmastaz hold meetings with business
people interested in signing them.
But humans just don’t understand. Instead of embracing the uniqueness and weirdness of the
world’s first toy band, the labels decided to criticize the Puppetmastaz.
‘Your music is not mainstream enough!’
‘Your songs are unrelatable!’
‘We need a better look for you!’
With every one of these insults the creatures grow angrier and more disappointed by those
humans in powerpositions. Why would Puppetmastaz want to change?
They just love what they do and have the greatest fans in the world.
Creatures just aren’t like humans, so they can’t be fake and neither can their music.
The creatures follow their inner instincts and traveled to worlds far beyond the surface of planet
earth and back. As they have a strong outernational network with all kinds of figures they go their
own way now. They are no puppets on a string!
And so it ended as it had to end. The insolence of dumb humans let to some gratuitous cartoon
violence, which creatures love so much!
And because majorhumans just don’t understand, Puppetmastaz Go Indy!
Puppetmastaz turn up with a more solid earthbound album „Keep yo animal“ in the soul of
hiphop. Watch out for Puppetmastaz to keep yo animal and experience the blasting live show,
back on their creature-rampage!

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